Due to mechanical setbacks, the team has decided that GaelForce XL will not be launching for MicroTransat 2013. As a team, we believe this is the best decision so we can create the strongest boat possible. We would have loved to set sail in August, but we are entering a season that will have very volatile weather and high seas, thus we will have a more treacherous trip. And sincerely, we just need more time. We were not able to test as much we wanted and this is a very big project for such a small team. However, we fully intend to compete in the MicroTransat 2014! We will be sure to keep everyone apprised of what is going on with our sailing beauty.

With a new motor coming in soon for our chase boat, we plan on doing more autonomous tests around local Kingston Islands, culminating in a round-trip test to Hamilton in September. With our additional testing time, we believe that we will have a real shot at winning the competition.

Thank you to all our sponsors who have helped us this far!

MicroTransat 2014, here we come!