Update from Sailbot 2017

After a long, hot week in Annapolis competing against 10 other schools from as far away as Brazil and the UK, QMAST placed 4th overall. We tied for 1st in the payload competition, carrying 64lbs of weight around a course. Sailing without a winch and with our sails in a fixed position, we still managed a 2nd place finish in the fleet race. Finally, we placed 3rd overall for our presentation at the end of the week.

The team overcame many obstacles this week including; replacing a broken winch, fixing a broken sail, solving our jib/main sheet tangling issue, re-writing our entire autonomous sailing code, and significantly improving sensor performance through proper shielding and filtering of the potentiometer as well as by gimbaling the Airmar GPS/wind/compass sensor which cannot read properly on an angle. We’ve definitely learned a lot this week and we are excited to continue these improvements over the rest of the summer!

Stay tuned for our season summary package with details of our team’s accomplishments, details on the build of the boat and our plans for next year.