Summer 2012 Outlook

The current semester is now coming to a close and just about all of the team members are currently working hard studying for exams. We have made some significant progress over  this last year!

We have focused on planning for the future, and have decided to focus on finishing our 4 meter trans-Atlantic boat, in addition to developing our true AI yacht, and competing in future SailBot and WRSC events.

Over the next few weeks, our team is working to make the 4 meter boat seaworthy. We’ve made some excellent progress in the last few days: our prototype sail and rig are in, and fit. We are in the midst of installing the power system, which controls the huge winch and rudder servo.

We are always looking for new members to join our team! If you’re interested, we’ll be working though the summer, and would love your input!

Late breaking sponsor news: thanks very much to Telus Mobile, for signing to our 4m project, and providing us will all of our cell communication! Without industrial support, projects like QMAST can’t happen.