Starting summer 2014!

We’re in the process of updating the site for the summer of 2014, expect more updates soon!

The summer of 2014 has begun, and we have a new plan and some progress updates from the school year to cover. We will continue to work towards completing the Microtransat challenge, and hope to eventually be the first University to put a boat this size across the Atlantic Ocean fully autonomously.

Currently we are working on improved electronic modules and wiring within the boat. We have designed one of three custom printed circuit boards which will be housed in three modules throughout the boat. The overall integration between the physical boat and its electronics has been refined significantly. Should one of the boat’s bulkheads flood for whatever reason, our electronics will remain operational. You can see the development of the project by going to our development page.

As we reach small milestones, such as the installation of new components, the results of component testing, expect new posts on this page.

Earlier this week, we took out the wind turbine that we’ll be using for power generation on board the boat, just to get a feel of how much wind was needed to get it spinning. We needed to pull it out of the cover of the surrounding buildings in order to get some consistent wind, but were pleased with the results overall.

Despite the majority of the work being done by the wind against the sail, we still need a way to generate power so that we can operate the drum winches and computer components. Given a large component like this, lots of testing and calculations need to be done to ensure the forces of the wind and water (in heavy waves) does not compromise the ships hull, in addition to testing how it will integrate with the ships electronics.