Sailbot 2010, Recruiting

MAST competed with GaelForce in early June in SailBot 2010, in Kingston Ontario. Despite many setbacks throughout the week, we finished 3rd overall, and tied for 2nd place in the long distance race.

With the start of the school year, MAST is doing heavy recruitment. Last week we spoke to over 500 students and reached out to many more through a poster campaign. After an information night on a rainy Thursday, we taught new members the basics of sailing with a trip to the lake on Saturday. Despite high winds, everyone had a great time trying out the radio-controlled boat. Special thanks to John and the RC sailors for their advice and donation of the Marblehead. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the team and couldn’t make the meetings this week.

Regular design and build meetings will commence this week and continue regularily until December; the focus initially will be on getting new members up to speed with key skills required to work on the boat, by making immediate improvements to GaelForce.