Current Projects

We hope everyone’s summer is going well. We are all still busy,each working on various aspects of the boat. Kevin has been setting up the back end of satellite transmission software. This is the computer code that takes in the frequent updates from the sailboat, and unscrambles the information and then organizes it so that we know where the sailboat is and what it’s doing. Michelle is in the process of creating the sailboat’s basic artificial intelligence. This involves the sailboat identifying where the next way-point is relative to its current location, and sailing towards it if possible. The boat will change its course if the wind is coming from that direction, or if another boat is detected in the vicinity. Josh has been, as usual, working on the electronics box. This involves replacing a lot of that fragile wiring from before with fewer wires that are soldered to the new printed circuit board. Evan has been sourcing parts for installing the wind turbine, which has taken longer than expected due to stores being out of stock. Another concern of his has been the venting of the battery compartments; recharging lead-acid batteries causes them to off gas hydrogen which must be removed, or else risk exploding. We haven’t been able to test in a while because the motor of our zodiac chase boat is broken. We tried to fix it our selves, but it was beyond our abilities. We hope to buy a new one soon and get testing again!

Our broken motor 🙁
The tidier electronics box with the PCB in the bottom left corner
The hydrogen vent where it will be installed. It features a mechanism inside that prevents any water from entering the boat.