Thank You Sponsors!

We’d just like to take a second to say thank you to our newest sponsors, Scrivens Insurance, for supporting us in our bid to become the first team to send an unmanned sailboat across the Atlantic! As always, thank you to ALL of our sponsors, without you we couldn’t possibly be making this attempt.

Testing Day 2

Hey Folks, we’re taking our boat out into the lake again today. We’re hoping to have it sail cardinal directions on command; this involves the compass sensor and making sure it was programmed correctly. We are also going to evaluate the weather station, and how it logs its data. That’s all for now, we’ll post some pictures later.

The Sensor Situation

Hi everyone, since our last test we have been working on connecting our “weather station” sensor to our ship-board computer.  It is an impressive piece of technology that can tell us:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Magnetic compass heading
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Location and velocity with GPS
  • Barometric pressure
  • The pitch and roll of the boat

Decoding what sort of data is being sent and parsing it has been more difficult than expected, but it is nearly accomplished.  It will be mounted to the very top of the mast for best results, and a cable will run inside the mast to carry its data. A second weather station will also be mounted on the boat to provide a back up, should something happen to the primary one.

The weather station mounted to the mast

Testing – Summer 2013


Our first test with GaelForce XL was a great success. We sailed under remote control out of Kingston Marina on Thursday. The wind was quite light, but good for a first sail. The boys all got a bit sun-burnt their first day on the water! We will have to remember sunscreen for our next test: Monday, July 8th. Come join us!

First Meeting 2012

Welcome Class of 2016! A lot of you expressed interest in MAST at EngDay, it was great getting to talk to you all. If you are still interested and want to get some more information, come on out to Room 111 in the ILC on Wednesday Septemeber 12th, at 7 pm. We can always use more hands and we will find valuable ways for everyone to contribute. Can’t wait to work with you all, see you tomorrow!

Welcome Aboard New Recruits!

With the Fall 2012 semester fast approaching, MAST is excited to have the whole team back together and is looking forward to welcoming our new members. As always, everyone is welcome to join. First years, come check us out outside Grant Hall at EngDay on Sunday, September 9th at 4 pm.

It is going to be a busy year for us, as we are aiming to launch our 4m boat from Halifax next summer for a fully autonomous trans-Atlantic crossing. We will be looking for new members for software, hardware and the boat team. For more information, contact us at and make sure you check the facebook page for meeting updates!

4m Launched


RC Testing, August 2012
RC Testing, August 2012

Time to break out the bubbly! Our 4m boat was out on her maiden voyage August 18, 2012.

Currently unnamed, she is our first candidate for the MicroTransat Challenge, and will be our main focus for the upcoming 2012/2013 school year. Thank you to everyone for your hard work and support that has got us this far.

Check out the video of this milestone on our YouTube channel: 4m Testing Aug 18 2012

We will be testing throughout the fall so make sure you check back for more videos and updates on our progress!

Summer 2012 Outlook

The current semester is now coming to a close and just about all of the team members are currently working hard studying for exams. We have made some significant progress over  this last year!

We have focused on planning for the future, and have decided to focus on finishing our 4 meter trans-Atlantic boat, in addition to developing our true AI yacht, and competing in future SailBot and WRSC events.

Over the next few weeks, our team is working to make the 4 meter boat seaworthy. We’ve made some excellent progress in the last few days: our prototype sail and rig are in, and fit. We are in the midst of installing the power system, which controls the huge winch and rudder servo.

We are always looking for new members to join our team! If you’re interested, we’ll be working though the summer, and would love your input!

Late breaking sponsor news: thanks very much to Telus Mobile, for signing to our 4m project, and providing us will all of our cell communication! Without industrial support, projects like QMAST can’t happen.

New Website

We have updated the website! We are still in the process of transferring all of the information from the old site, so a few important pages are still missing.

New pictures have been added to the photo gallery so you can check out what what it was like at Sailbot 2011!

Preparing for the New Year

It has been a long and busy year preparing for sailBot. GaelForce 2 competed in SailBot 2011 in early June 2011, in Anapolis Maryland. Facing stiff competition the team placed 6th overall.

With the school year quickly approaching, focus is on tweaking and testing GealForce 2, as well as preparing for the influx of new members in the fall.As well as designing new boat for 2012.