We are Hosting IRSR 2016!

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce that we are hosting the 2016 International Robotic Sailboat Regatta.  It will take place June 4 – 11 with most events taking place at the Kingston Yacht Club.  The IRSR is a competition among mostly University teams that challenges them to build and program autonomous sailboats.  This year challenges include obstacle detection and cargo hauling.  Based on turnouts from previous years we are expecting around ten teams, but it is still early and can change.  For more information visit www.sailbot.org


We came second at Sailbot!

Hi All!

We are happy to announce we came in second at Sailbot 2015 in St.John’s Newfoundland.  We faced a variety of difficulties, but were able to sail Gaelforce^2 successfully at her first competition.  We learned a lot from other teams, and how we can do better next year.  We are going to spend the rest of the summer tweaking the rigging, improving the GPS and changing the autonomous code.Gaelforce

2015 Update

Hello everyone, we would like to bring you up to speed on what we are up to.  Work has been progressing since September on a a brand new boat that will also feature some of the most advanced software we have written yet. This new boat will be competing in Sailbot 2015 which is in St. John’s Newfoundland this coming June.  Pictures of construction will be coming soon.

This is also a good opportunity to state that we are hiring two students for this summer.  If you are in mechanical, or software engineering, and are interested, please apply on Queen’s Career Services under SWEP positions.  The ID numbers are 64231 and 64233 respectively.


Official Water Test 2: Announcment

We will be testing the Gaelforce XL tomorrow:

Saturday August 16th
Portsmouth Olympic Harbor
Kingston Ontario

Sorry for the short notice, the decision to test was made difficult by an electronic component that burned out several days ago. However, we managed to find a replacement just in time. Assuming the weather conditions are acceptable, we plan to sail!

Anyone interested in watching is encouraged to attend. Look for the big orange U-Haul truck, we’ll also have a sign.

Please send a message if you are interested, either through facebook or sailboat@engsoc.queensu.ca

Chase-boat motor test

Getting ready for the first test, we spent a few days going over testing equipment. Most challenging was fixing up the two outboard motors we have for our crash-boat Zodiac. We managed to get one of the motors started, but its cooling system wasn’t working. This video is of the second motor, which took longer to start, but has been working flawlessly since.