The Team

We are always accepting new members from any faculty and discipline to assist with all parts of the boat. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail to receive updates on team meetings and other events.

2016-2017 Team

2015-2016 Team


Team Managers

Team Managers


Team Captain: Evan Chou

Electrical Managers: Justin Chow, Michael Laurenzi

Boat Manager: Julian Howarth

Software Managers: Jeremy Roy, Michael Spiering

Team Advisor: Connor MacLean

Treasurer: Zach Rose

Communications & Marketing: Paul Everitt

Electrical Team

Electrical Team

Software Team

Software Team

Mechanical Team

Mechanical Team


Past Members

Jessica Yau
Software Manager 2014/2015

Jessica graduated with a degree in Software Engineering in 2015. She designed and implemented key software improvements including the basis for computer vision.

Mark Istvan
Mechanical Manager 2014/2015

Mark graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2015. He spearheaded the effort to build a catamaran, and the first MAST boat built in three years. He went on to a Master’s degree at the University of Waterloo.

Megan Gardner
Team Captain 2013/2014

Software Manager 2012/2013

Megan graduated with a BSc Computer Engineering in Spring 2014. She is currently a Software Development Contractor in Florida and keeps busy with stand up paddle boarding and other water sports.

Michelle Sereda
Team Captain 2012/2013

Michelle now works at Microsoft. 

Johanna Friend
Mechanical Manager 2012/2013

Johanna graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Bio-mechanical option in 2013. She designed and implemented key components for the Microtransat in addition to organising team events and timelines.

Cory Green
Team Co-captain 2011/2013

Mechanical Manager 2011/2012

Lead designer on numerous boat projects. Saw through the design and building of the smaller Gaelforce series and the Microtransat (Gaelforce XL) construction.

Valerie Sugarman
Software manager 2011/2012

She completed her degree in computer engineering and is interested in human computer interaction.

Kenneth Mak
Kenneth headed the administration of the team. Completing a degree in civil engineering, Kenneth is interested in environmental sustainability.

Christine Blair
Christine was the project manager for the electrical and software systems of the boat. Completing the electrical option of engineering physics, Christine is interested in multidisciplinary design.

Brian White
Brian was the Manager for the electrical hardware systems of the boat. He is currently doing Graduate studies at Queen’s University, with knowledge of power electronics and electrical construction techniques.

Kevin Middleton
Marine Systems Coordinator 2011/2012

Graduate Student at the University of Toronto, IBBME

Lukas De Roo
Graduated Mechanical Engineering 2008. Now working at Hatch Australia.