About us

QMAST is a student design team that designs and builds autonomous sailboats. The boat is entered in annual competitions that test navigation, tactics and design. During the race, the boat must steer and trim sails based on measurements of the wind, position, and direction without human intervention. MAST has attended various international design competitions and has been credited with various competition awards.

New members are always welcome; just contact us to get involved! You don’t need to be in a particular program or discipline to join, we will do our best to teach you the skills you need in order to contribute.


Contact Information

We are located at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


Mostly Autonomous Sailboat Team
Beamish-Munro Hall, RM121
Queen’s University
45 Union St Kingston, ON
K7L 3N6

Donations to the team are handled by Queen’s University, here.


Our Constitution

Article I: The Team

  1. There shall exist an organization with the name The Queen’s Mostly Autonomous Sailboat Team, which may be referred to as QMAST or MAST.

Article II: Purpose Statement

  1. QMAST will conceive of, design, fabricate, test, and compete with autonomous or mostly autonomous sailboats.
  2. The Team will supplement the education of its members through the development of the following skills: Technical design, Tool use and fabrication methods, Leadership and project management in a multidisciplinary setting, Creative thinking and problem solving

Article III: Conditions of Membership

  1. Any student registered in any course at Queen’s University may be an ordinary member of QMAST.
  2. Rights, privileges, and obligations of ordinary members shall be prescribed by by-law.

Article IV: The Executive

  1. The principal governing body of QMAST shall be the Executive, whose membership and duties shall be prescribed by by-law.
  2. The Executive shall consist of the Captain or co-Captains (referred to henceforth as Captain), and several Officers.
  3. If the co-Captains cannot reach an agreement, the QMAST Faculty Supervisor shall have the final authority on all Team decisions.
  4. Each Officer shall oversee a sub-team related to a specific aspect of the project.
  5. The Captain shall be chosen by consensus by all Executive members of the previous year
  6. The Captain shall hire each new Officer with input from the out-going Officer of the same position.
  7. The Executive shall have the final authority in forming and implementing the Team’s policy.
  8. The Executive shall report to the member of the Engineering Society “Executive and Director Team” that oversees Society design teams, and to the QMAST Faculty Supervisor.

Article V: Provisions for Impeachment of the Executive

  1. The impeachment of an Executive member shall be warranted by behaviour inhibiting the Team from meeting the goals described in this Charter
  2. The process for the impeachment of an Executive member shall be as follo                   a)     Any member may submit a request for impeachment to the Executive or the Faculty Supervisor

b)     The recipient of such a request shall consult the remaining Executive and Faculty Supervisor.

c)     The remaining Executive shall meet with the Executive member in question and the Faculty Supervisor.

d)     A majority vote of the remaining Executive shall be required for the impeachment.

  1. The QMAST Faculty Supervisor and the Executive shall maintain the anonymity of members requesting the impeachment of an Executive member.

Article VI: Finances

  1. QMAST shall hold a bank account with the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen’s University.
  2. QMAST members shall cover all Team expenses until reimbursed by the Team.
  3. QMAST membership is unpaid.
  4. The Captain may use the QMAST budget to hire students through the Queen’s University Student Work Experience Program (SWEP).
  5. The Captain may instantiate a QMAST student fee as a Club under the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University.

Article VII: By-Laws

  1. The Team may enact such by-laws necessary for its governance, provided they are in agreement with the principles embodied in this Charter.
  2. Enactments, amendments, and repeals of by-laws shall be proposed to the Faculty Supervisor by the Captain only after majority consent from the Executive.
  3. Such by-laws may be enacted, amended or repealed only after approval from the Faculty Supervisor.

Article VIII: Promotional Summary

  1. The following statement shall be used for the promotion of the Team:

“The Queen’s Mostly Autonomous Sailboat Team (QMAST) is a team of students from all disciplines working to design, test and launch a fully autonomous sailboat capable of racing and crossing bodies of water with no human intervention.”

Article VIIII: Amendments to the Charter

  1. The Charter shall be amended only by the Engineering Society Council, moved by the Captain and seconded by all other Officers.
  2. The Captain shall consult the Engineering Society Director of Design before moving an amendment to the Charter.